If they were not involved why are they trying to cover it up!

Moar damming evidence surfaced 2day further implicating corp involvement in the Pre-historical 911 Climate Change Event.

As the above image indicates the long-rumored involvement of the Kiss Army in collusion with the MTV I-Ent-plex. Obviously this is the most conclusive evidence yet of Post Hadron time tampering by the Ministry of Pre-History, The signs could not b clearer:
  • Rock of Ages - some of the oldest 'rocks' can b found in the Mid-L East. These rocks contained Bludforoyl, an important PreHadron commodity when people still relied on fire for nrg .
  • 'We got the power, we got the glory' - According to Pre-historians in PreHadron times, M'erica (birthplace of the MTV I-Ent-plex) was often referred 2 as 'Old Gutz and Glory'
  • 'We're gonna burn this damn place down. Down to the ground." - The implications are 2 obvious 2 b worth mentioning.

Pre-Historians have also pieced together various mythologies from the creation of the song indicating that the time tampering began with the replacement of guiterrorist Pete 'Whatchootalkinbout' Willis by the infamous malevolent sol singer Phil Collens. The Pre-history mythologies holds that drummer Yorrick Allen bravely threatened 2 tell the world of the plot but was intercepted and maimed by the despotic, King of Pop, Elvis Error Jackson.